In this page we collect information about openings for PhD, postdoc, and staff positions at the Nikhef Theory group. These vacancies are always advertised together with other vacancies in different programs at Nikhef here, which also explains the application procedure to be followed.

3 postdoctoral vacancies in Nikhef theory group to start in Fall 2023

The Nikhef theory group has three vacancies for postdoctoral researchers to start in the Fall 2023. See this link for more information and a description of the application procedure. Specific research topics relevant for the positions include, but are not limited to, precision calculations of observables in the Standard Model and possible extensions, collider physics, quantum chromodynamics, leptogenesis, flavour and neutrino physics, and model building.

Applicants should have a PhD degree when starting the positions and are expected to have solid knowledge of theoretical particle physics. Further information on these positions can be obtained from the program leader of the theoretical physics group, Prof. Dr. Robert Fleischer ( The initial duration of these positions is two years, with the possibility of an extension to a third year subject to available funding. The conditions of employment are excellent, and include a competitive salary, extra months’ salary payment in May and December, and an adequate allowance for travel and consumables. Deadline for applications is December 1st 2022.

The PhD program in the Nikhef theory group

  • The Nikhef theory group offers the possibility to study for a PhD degree.  Although the PhD is primarily a research-oriented 4-year degree, students receive a considerable amount of graduate level teaching during the first years, for instance in terms of dedicated graduate schools and with the Nikhef Topical Lectures aimed to the general PhD student population of Nikhef, see our activity page for more details.
  • PhD students of the theory group become members of the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics (DRSTP). The DRSTP is the Dutch national graduate school for PhD students in theoretical physics, and organises a wide range of activities such as graduate schools,  conferences, as well as the yearly PhD Day. The updated calendar with the DRSTP activities can be found here.
  • If you are interested in PhD study in the Nikhef theory group, please contact either the group leader Prof. Dr.  Robert Fleischer or any staff member of the group working in your field of interest, see here for an extended description of the theory group research activities.
  • Openings for PhD positions at the theory group are advertised here four times per year, together with related vacancies in other programs of our Institute.
  • In addition to the excellent physics environment, the city of Amsterdam offers a rich cultural experience. Nikhef is located in the southeast of Amsterdam, in the Amsterdam Science Park. See here for general information about the lab.