Here we list various scientific activities involving the members of the Nikhef Theory group. You can check upcoming and past events in the public Calendar of the Theory group.

  • The theory group organises a regular Theory Seminar about a wide range of topics. These seminars have a weekly frequency and are advertised via the Nikhef Theory mailing list. Given the covid-restrictions, these seminars take place currently online and are thus open to everyone who wishes to take part.
  • We also organize a bi-weekly Journal Club to discuss recent interesting papers in an informal setting. The journal club is organised by means of Benty Fields and everyone is encouraged to propose papers for discussion.
  • The monthly Nikhef Theory Day gathers the theoretical particle physics community in The Netherlands and is composed by student presentations (organized by and only for PhD students), a seminar, and a plot of the month discussion. The schedule and presentations of the Nikhef Theory day can be found in this Indico page.
  • The Theory Meets Experiment events are topical Nikhef mini-workshops usually take place on a Friday afternoon, sometimes complementing a more general colloquium in the morning, and have the aim to further stimulate interactions and discussions between the theory and experimental communities at Nikhef.
  • The Nikhef Colloquia on Friday mornings is an important aspect of the scientific life at Nikhef, and consists on targeted seminars about important  and timely topics given by speakers leaders in their corresponding fields, which also are sometimes even outside particle physics.
  • We also participate in the regular activities organised by the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics (DRSTP), such as the the yearly national schools in Theoretical Physics, the bi-yearly Symposium Trends in Theory and the twice-per-year National Seminar in Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP), hosted by Nikhef at the Science Park.
  • In addition to this wide spectrum of scientific activities, the Nikhef theory has also various social activities throughout the year.