Robert Fleischer (head of the group)

Melissa van Beekveld

Eric Laenen [Nikhef/UvA/UU]

Marieke Postma

Flavour physics and CP violation as probes for new physics. Phenomenology at the LHC, quantum chromodynamics, resummation, parton showers, machine learning Phenomenology of the Standard Model, especially Quantum Chromodynamics. Early universe implications for particle physics.

Juan Rojo

Jordy de Vries [UvA]

Wouter Waalewijn[UvA]

Quantum Chromodynamics and LHC phenomenology, proton structure, effective field theories, and Higgs boson physics. Beyond-the-Standard Model, effective field theories, fundamental symmetries, neutrinos. Higgs physics, jets, effective field theories, factorization and resummation.



Maximilian Attems

Ankita Budhraja

Tommaso Giani  [currently CERN]

Juraj Klaric

Heavy-ion collisions,  Out-of-equilibrium quantum field theories,  thermalization, phase transitions, applied AdS/CFT, numerical GR Jets, effective field theories, QCD, heavy ion phenomenology Parton distributions, Lattice QCD, Standard Model Effective Field Theory. Dark matter, leptogenesis

Johannes Michel

Tanjona Rabemananjara

Effective field theories, precision QCD, LHC & EIC phenomenology Quantum Chromodynamics. Parton Distribution Functions. Resummation. Machine Learning for Particle Physics


PhD candidates

Robin van Bijleveld

Pieter Braat

Jelle Groot

Jaco ter Hoeve

Perturbative QCD, higher order calculations, resummation, factorisation Dark Matter from cosmological observables Flavour Physics Standard Model Effective Field Theory, machine learning in particle physics and beyond

Max Jaarsma

Ruben Jaarsma

Giacomo Magni

Eleftheria Malami

Parton physics on the lattice Flavour physics Standard Model Effective Field Theory, parton distribution functions with the NNPDF Collaboration Flavour Physics

Coenraad Marinissen

Heleen Mulder

Vaisakh Plakkot

Anders Rehult

Higher order calculations in Quantum Chromodynamics Beyond the SM physics, CP violation, SMEFT, neutrino physics, axion physics BSM phenomenology using EFT techniques, sterile neutrinos and axions Flavor physics

Tommaso Saracco

Tanishq Sharma [Torino]

Infrared structure of Quantum Chromodynamics: LP & NLP resummation, high-order calculations, phenomenology Fragmentation and parton distribution functions using Machine Learning


Master students

J. Bryant Hall [UvA]

Carlotta Casi [UU]

Epameinondas Chasapis

Dimitrios Daskalas [UU]

Flavour physics Perturbative QCD, next-to-leading power studies QCD Perturbative QCD, next-to-leading power studies

Eva Groenedijk

Martijn van Hamersveld

Toon Hasenack [UU]

Jaime del Palacio Lirola

High energy neutrinos at the LHC and QCD in extreme regimes Flavour physics A Machine Learning analysis of polarised proton substructure Flavour physics

Gijs van Seeventer [UU]

Valentina Schultze Sanchez

Precise predictions for polarise high-energy collisions High energy neutrinos at the LHC and far-forward neutrino scattering.



Jan-Willem van Holten

Piet Mulders

Bert Schellekens

Jos Vermaseren

Classical and quantum gravity, cosmology and supersymmetry Quantum Chromodynamics with emphasis on the quark and gluon polarization in hadrons String theory, and especially the landscape of string theory vacua Phenomenology and methodology of Perturbative Quantum Field Theory, in particular QCD, FORM

Bernard de Wit

String theory, supergravity, black hole thermodynamics


Affiliated staff

Wim Beenakker [RU]

Gideon Koekoek [UM]

Wilke van der Schee [UU & CERN]

Keri Vos [UM]

Electroweak phenomenology, heavy quarks and supersymmetric QCD, dark energy models Application of quantum computing for investigating gravitational wave signals. Outreach for gravitational waves in NL and Europe Heavy ion collisions, quark-gluon plasma, relativistic hydrodynamics and gauge/gravity duality Flavour physics and CP violation within the Standard Model and beyond

Susanne Westhoff [RU]

Effective Field Theories, Long-lived particles, Dark Matter