Robert Fleischer (head of group)

Flavour physics and CP violation as probes for new physics.

Gideon Koekoek [Maastricht]

Application of quantum computing for investigating gravitational wave signals. Outreach for gravitational waves in NL and Europe.

Eric Laenen [Nikhef/UvA/UU]

Phenomenology of the Standard Model, especially Quantum Chromodynamics.

Marieke Postma

Early universe implications for particle physics.

Juan Rojo [VU]

Quantum Chromodynamics and LHC phenomenology, proton structure, effective field theories, and Higgs boson physics.

Wouter Waalewijn [UvA]

Higgs physics, jets, effective field theories, factorization and resummation.

Keri Vos [Maastricht]

Flavour physics and CP violation within the Standard Model and beyond.

Jordy de Vries [UvA]

Beyond-the-Standard Model, effective field theories, fundamental symmetries, neutrinos.

Susanne Westhoff [RU]

Effective Field Theories, Long-lived particles, Dark Matter


Tanjona Rabemananjara

Quantum Chromodynamics. Parton Distribution Functions. Resummation. Machine Learning for Particle Physics.

Guoxing Wang

Higher-order QCD calculations

Tommaso Giani

Parton distributions, Lattice QCD, Standard Model Effective Field Theory

Andrea Pelloni

Higher order calculations in Quantum Chromodynamics.

PhD candidates

Guanghui Zhou

Searching for sterile neutrinos via neutrinoless double beta decay, LHC and cosmology in the framework of standard model effective field theory.

Carolina da Silva Bolognani

Flavour physics.

Ruben Jaarsma

Flavour physics.

Giacomo Magni

Standard Model Effective Field Theory, parton distribution functions with the NNPDF Collaboration.

Anders Rehult

Flavor physics.

Pieter Braat

Dark Matter from cosmological observables.

Max Jaarsma

Parton physics on the lattice.

Jelle Groot

Flavour Physics

Eleftheria Malami

Flavour Physics

Avanish Basdew-Sharma

Perturbative methods in QFT (QCD)

Jaco ter Hoeve

Standard Model Effective Field Theory, machine learning in particle physics and beyond.

Coenraad Marinissen

Higher order calculations in Quantum Chromodynamics.

Robin van Bijleveld

Perturbative QCD, higher order calculations, resummation, factorisation.

Sachin Shain

Beyond the Standard Model physics, CP violation, axion and dark matter in the context of Effective Field Theory.

Anh Vu Phan

Particle phenomenology, dark matter, BSM physics.

Vaisakh Plakkot

BSM phenomenology using EFT techniques, sterile neutrinos and axions

Master students

Adrianne Schaus

Quark and gluon polarised parton distributions

Robin Rietman

Effective Field Theories, Dark Matter

Pim Herbschleb

Standard Model Effective Field Theory and machine learning

Josep Sola Cava

Quantum Chromodynamics and neutrino interactions in the far-forward region of the LHC

Jessica Goncalves

Leptogenesis and Beyond the Standard Model Physics, Early Universe Cosmology

Heleen Mulder

Beyond the SM physics, CP violation, SMEFT, neutrino physics, axion physics

Hidde Damsma

Quark and gluon polarised parton distributions

Boudewijn Zwanenburg

Mathematics of renormalisation, classifications of Feynman diagrams, topology

Maaike Bakker

SMEFT projections at future high energy colliders

Mattia Boscardin

Flavour physics

Elia Samuel

Anomalies in symmetries  beyond the standard model 

Tim Kortekaas

Flavour physics and rare B decays


Jan-Willem van Holten

Classical and quantum gravity, cosmology and supersymmetry.

Piet Mulders [VU]

Quantum Chromodynamics with emphasis on the quark and gluon polarization in hadrons.

Bert Schellekens

String theory, and especially the landscape of string theory vacua.

Jos Vermaseren

Phenomenology and methodology of Perturbative Quantum Field Theory, in particular QCD. I am also in charge of FORM.

Bernard de Wit

String theory, supergravity, black hole thermodynamics.

Regular Guests

Beatriz Gato Rivera

Particle Physics, Quantum Physics and Gravitation.

Jorinde van den Vis

Particle cosmology, Higgs boson, cosmological phase transitions, gravitational waves, matter-antimatter asymmetry, inflation.

Andreas Vogt

Higher order QCD calculations.

Chris Korthals-Altes

QCD plasma, theory and phenomenology.


Former Theory Group members

Sander Mooij

My work is on the interface between (theoretical) cosmology and particle physics, with a special interest in Higgs inflation.

Leonardo Vernazza

Higher order QCD calculations, resummation.