Here we collect scientific software codes and related tools developed and/or maintained by previous and current members of the Nikhef theory group.

  • Axodraw: style file for (Feynman) diagrams
  • ECO: efficient Hilbert series for effective field theory.
  • FORM: a program for algebraic and symbolic manipulation.
  • NuDobBe: a Python tool for the computation of neutrinoless double beta decay rates.
  • NuPropEarth: a Monte Carlo event generator that evaluates the impact of matter effects in the propagation of high energy neutrinos.
  • NNPDF: parton distribution functions of protons and nuclei from global analyses of hard-scattering data.
  • PanScales: a Parton Shower for leptonic, hadronic and deep-inelastic scattering collisions.
  • SMEFiT: a toolbox for global interpretations of particle physics data in the framework of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory.
  • SoftServe: soft function simulation and evaluation of real and virtual emission.