Here we describe some of the outreach initiatives with the participation of the members of the Nikhef Theory group.

Nikhef Open Days

Nikhef theorists participate in the yearly Nikhef Open Days.  A representative selection of the posters (in Dutch) displayed at the Open Days is provided below:

Researchers in the classroom

Our PhD students share their experiences with high-school students on what they work on and what it is like to be a scientists. Click here for more information (in Dutch).



For a selection of videos containing short explanations of some of the research carried out by (previous) members of the theory group, see:


We host a yearly quantum masterclass for high-school students in 5 or 6 vwo. More information can be found here.


Members of the theory group also contribute to a number of blogs, such as the Nikhef blog or the Interactions blog.

Our research in the media

  • Folia: De universiteit in het klaslokaal; UvA-natuurkundigen nemen de les over (2023)
  • NRC: Het proton is een alledaags deeltje met een mysterieuze binnenwereld (2023)
  • New Scientist: Protons seem to be a different size depending on how you look at them (2023)
  • Quantamagazine: Crucial Computer Program for Particle Physics at Risk of Obsolescence (2022)
  • NTvN: Run-3 van de LHC (2022)
  • Quantamagazine: Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’ (2022)
  • Astroblogs: Bewezen: proton heeft een beetje eigen charme (2022)
  • New Scientist: Physicists surprised to discover the proton contains a charm quark (2022)
  • Science News: Protons contain intrinsic charm quarks, a new study suggests (2022)
  • Kijk: Bevat het proton deeltjes die zwaarder zijn dan hijzelf? (2022)
  • Trouw: Fysici weten het even niet meer. En dat maakt het spannend (2022)